Ongoing Projects

  • Ecological and human social perceptions of the increasingly crowded sky
  • Evaluating the extinction risks of IUCN Red-List bird species due to severe hailstorm outbreaks
  • Using weather radar to examine severe thunderstorm escape distance among shorebirds
  • Winter ecology of migratory open-field/grassland birds

Completed Projects

  • Indicators of hailstorm-associated stress incorporated into developing nestling feather tissues (see Ross et al. 2015) – [Read more]
  • Associating grassland bird nest losses to hailstorm intensities measures by Doppler weather radar (see Carver et al. 2017) – [Read more]
  • Correlating radar-estimated rotational wind field of tornado to realized destruction of Bald Eagle nests on the ground (see Ross et al. 2016) – [Read more]

Emerging Projects

  • Review of extinction risks among island endemics as a possible factor of increasing tropical cyclone intensity
  • Island biogeographic processes informed by extreme climatic event-mediated extinction and recolonization versus resilience and recovery