The Ross Lab

The lovely South Campus of OU viewed from the lab.

The Ross lab is housed within the Oklahoma Biological Survey at the University of Oklahoma (OU). The Ross lab is primarily focused on ecological, evolutionary, and conservation issues related to species and their habitats, with a special focus on birds. An exciting new field which we are helping to pioneer is severe weather ecology. Our focus stretches across a variety of transient weather events, with particular attention on severe thunderstorms which produce hail, lightning, damaging winds, and tornadoes.

Lab member profiles

We are also an integral part of the Applied Aeroecology for an Era of Crowded Skies group, one of OU’s Vice President for Research’s University Strategic Organizations. We are collectively an interdisciplinary group focused on ecological processes which occur in the atmosphere. At the website you can see the biological research we are contributing to this field.

Our lab also works on avian migration ecology, including stopover/departure decisions and nocturnal flight behaviors. All of this work employs a variety of field, lab, and computer simulation & analysis techniques to answer broadly-to-narrowly encompassing biological questions.

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